KOTO & SHAMISEN classroom

【 Lesson day 】
Tuesday(3 times per month)
1group lesson runs for 1hour and 45minutes.
Morning lessons;11:00am 〜
Afternoon lessons; 1:30pm 〜
All materials and equipment will be provided for.
It is necessary to have a pick、 for your own exclusive use.
Koto lessons can be seen freely.
You may try one free KOTO lesson.

【 Fee 】
Entrance fee  \15、000.
Monthly fee   \20、000.

【 Practice Room 】
Takanawa 3-13-1、 Minato-ku、 Tokyo
New Takanawa Prince Hotel、 the EAN(えあん)room、 inside the Japanese Garden.


名前/ニックネーム NOGUCHI CHIKAYOSHI of the Ikuta school of KOTO music Instruction.Graduated in 1982 from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.Studied under YONEKAWA TOSHIKO (A living national treasur